Margrethe Designs

- Where the magic begins




Once upon a time….

That is how any fairytale starts og certainly also for this fairytale. Every girl has a little princess inside them, regarding age and where you come from. The smile, the twinkle in the eyes and the anticipation when you for the first time try on soft lace, glittering stone and pearls. You can't hardly stand still i pure joy, and you first reaction is to jump, dance and sing. Every day has to be filled with adventures and fairytales. We only live one time, and we have to make the most of it and share it with our loved ones.

The inspiration is in the material, the colors and in life it self. The importants of the quality goes hand in hand with handmade uniq produkcts. The right price is one of our fundamental statements, and we love to serve our costumers in a personal and loving way. 

MargretheDesigns' mission is to create beautiful dresses, who brings out the princess in us. 

The creater and founder of MargretheDesigns is Marion Krobath Olesen. Collections comes alive from moodboards, feelings and most of all the heart.  The joyfull play with lace, beads and stones is the start of any product.  The company i founded in 2015 and is a part of KronborgGroup with base in Hadsund, Denmark.